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Milton and Manor
Milton & Manor Fabric Collection:

We make handmade blinds and curtains in Milton and Manor farmhouse fabrics.

If you are thinking of Milton and Manor Blinds for the Kitchen, there are complimentary Milton and Manor tea towels, oven gloves, hob top mats, aprons and mugs available to finish off your room's look.

For curtains or a warm interlined Milton and Manor door curtain, there are complimentary Milton and Manor Welly bags, footstools and a great range of ready made cushions available.

The fabrics above include
Row 2: Hare Capers Natural, Hare Capers on Duck Egg, Hare Capers Stripe, Hare Capers Spot
Row 3: Stag Parade Nat, Stag Parade Stripe, Stag Parade Large Stripe, Stag Parade Duck Egg Oval
Row 4: Pheasant Fun Natural, Pheasant Fun on Duck Egg, Pheasant Fun Stripe, Pheasant Fun Spot

Milton and Manor

Row1: Pony on Pink, Pink Pony, Grey Pony
Row 2: Pink Duck, Pink Check, Chunky Pink Stripe, Thin Stripes Pink

Milton and Manor

Row1: Pony on Blue, Blue Pony, Blue Berries
Row 2: Blue Pheasant Block, Duck Egg Ducks, Blue Check

Milton and Manor
More Duck Eggs & Blues

Row1: Duck Egg Sketch Pheasant, Thin Stripes Duck, Duck Egg Chickens, Blue Vintage Tractors
Row 2: Blue Hedera, Blue Striped Berry, Duck Egg Check, Small Duck Egg Pheasant Block

Milton and Manor

Row1: Green Sketch Pheasant, Green MINI Sketch Pheasant, Small Green Block Pheasant, Green Chickens
Row 2: Green Check, Thin Stripes Green, Chunky Stripe Green, Chunky Stripe Duck Egg,

Milton and Manor

Red Sketch Pheasant, Thin Stripes Red, Medium Stripe Red and Stag Parade Red Oval.

Milton and Manor Fabric Prices