Curtain  and  Blind  Makers
  • Roman
  • Capped Rods & Bars
  • Blackout Lined
  • Interlined Hand Mitred Corners
  • Traditional Rod Pockets
  • Choice of Chain Finishes
  • All Sizes
  • Brass Rings
  • No Stitch Lines
    on the face fabric
  • Not just Roman Blinds
  • Cushions All
    Shapes & Sizes
  • Expert Advice
  • Hand made
  • Curtains
  • Hand Mitred
  • Fabric Covered
  • Herringbone Stitched
  • Double
    Pin Hooks
  • Specialist Headings
  • Add a Trim
  • Highest quality
  • Eyelet Headed
  • Tassels, Trims & Borders
  • Matching Window Seat Pads

1. The way we make them

We work on making beautiful, high quality products, not on how quickly or cheaply things can be made.

Here’s why we describe our Roman blinds and curtains as beautifully hand made our way.


  • No stitch lines through to the face of the blind. We hand stab stitch
  • Traditional rod pockets sewn into the lining. No cheap lining tape
  • Interlined blinds are finished with hand mitred corners
  • Hand stitched brass rings to guide the cords
  • End caps on all the rods and bottom bar to protect the blind from wear
  • Our interlined blinds are made the traditional way with a layer of interlining herringbone stitched in with the fabric, then covered with cotton lining
  • Our blackout blinds are made by sandwiching the blackout lining between the fabric and lining to reduce the number of pinpricks through the blackout when making.
  • We take care and consider the placement of the pattern position on the blind


  • Hand stitched hems and sides
  • Double 10cm hems on floor length and double 8cm hems on sill length
  • Hand made double, triple, goblet, cartridge and pinch pleats ( we dont use curtain tape for this)
  • Hand mitred corners
  • Double pin hooks on heavy curtains
  • Again we take care and consider the placement of the pattern position on the curtain

2. The materials we use

These are the materials we use and finishing touches we offer as standard.


  • Capped rods and bars
  • Highest quality linings
  • Brass rings
  • Choice of chain finishes
  • Specially chosen Interlining we think is best for blinds
  • Premium headrails made from a thicker gauge metal, with a quick release chain disc for child safety,(avoiding the need to attach the chain to the wall to comply with child safety regulations)


  • Highest quality linings
  • Specially chosen Interlining we think is best for curtains
  • Fabric covered lead weights


  • We use fabrics that we know the quality of and trust

3. Add some extras

For example.


  • Add a border
  • Add a trim
  • Vary the fold design (eg cascading)

  • Add a border
  • Add an edge trim
  • Pleat to pattern repeat
  • Double side the curtain with a fabric or 2 fabrics, eg for a door curtain

  • Cushions all shapes and sizes
  • Cushion with trims, piping, fabric panel inserts
  • Matching window seat pads

Contact us to discuss your ideas.

4. About Us

Dolman and Taylor is based on the edge of the Cotswolds near Chipping Norton.

Our make up processes are based on traditional methods and much hand stitching because we believe it gives the best finish. That is not to say we are stuck in the victorian era, we do use state of the art sewing machines and modern methods and materials where we think they are better than the old fashioned way.

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